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  Your video and film memories can be saved in a user friendly format. We'll work with you to preserve them, and share them.

We can help you out if:
* your family videotapes are more than ten years old and, therefore, are starting to deteriorate
* you want to have your family memories edited into a fun, compact package that you'll like to watch agains and again
* you're looking for a memorable, moving tribute to a special person in your life, to mark a special occasion
* you want to tell an important story about your life (or that of a loved one) that will last for decades to come
* you have a special event -- a wedding, birthdays, a family reunion, graduation or a special performance -- which you want to have recorded and saved in a unique and creative way.

We provide:
* video transfer from and to nearly every videotape format
* video to DVD transfer
* edited compilations of family videos
* video family histories
* video tributes: photo montages set to music - (you choose the music)
* wedding and event videography

We are:
* committed to working with families to tell their stories in unique and creative ways
* involved with our community, videotaping school and community events over the course of the year
* affordable because of our experience with digital technology

Diversity Design Studio, will take your video memories organize and preserve them into high quality, durable DVD discs. Call 503.622.4105 to get your video presentation project started.